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• Hiruga Bathing Beach
This bathing beach is close to Lake Hiruga, one of the Mikata Five Lakes representing Mihama's scenic beauty. Around dark, fishing boats are seen bringing back the day's catch from the Wakasa Bay - an unforgettably poetic scene. A number of "minshuku" or family-run lodgings can be found near the lake.
• Hayase Bathing Beach
This beach offers accommodations such as hotels and ryokan aplenty, while retaining the quiet atmosphere of a traditional fishing village. Fishing from a rocky outcrop can be enjoyed. It also has a boarding place for a sightseeing boat around Mikata Five Lakes.
• Kugushi Bathing Beach
With its history as the oldest bathing beach in Mihama, this beach is truly the center for a variety of marine sports in the area. Accommodations abound, ranging from hotels and "ryokan" inns to "minshuku" family-run lodgings, which cater to young couples as well as family and other groups.

• Matsubara Bathing Beach
This beach is fully accessible and convenient with parking lots, showers and other facilities, such as a campsite nearby. A highly popular spot for groups and families.
• Wada Bathing Beach
Wada Bathing Beach is situated at the mouth of Mihama's crystal-clear Mimi River. The picturesque strand as washed by the waves of the sea offers a tantalizing seascape peculiar to the Sea of Japan.
• Sakajiri Bathing Beach
This beach features a shallow expanse of cobalt-blue waters. Young children can safely enjoy playing and bathing in the calm waters. Nearby is a micro-brewery (Wakasa Seaside Brewery) where visitors can enjoy a mug of freshly brewed beer after bathing.

• Sugahama Bathing Beach
Sugahama Bathing Beach still retains the unspoiled atmosphere of a traditional fishing village. Visitors are impressed by the smiles and friendliness of the local villagers, not to mention the serenity of the beachside itself. On August 15, this beach is the setting for the annual religious festival to send off the villagers' ancestral souls on specially decorated boats back to heaven.
• Daiyahama Bathing Beach
The azure sea, blue sky, the evergreen of a pine grove and a long stretch of white sandy beach characterize Daiyahama Bathing Beach. It is completely equipped with parking lots and showers. The beach is also alive with those who enjoy camping.
• Suishohama Bathing Beach
Suishohama is a popular bathing beach, attracting numerous bathers from in and outside of Fukui Prefecture each summer. The beach is known for its powder-like sparkling white sand. It's a major center for marine sports, and is alive with windsurfers from early in the morning.

• Takenami Bathing Beach
Takenami Beach abounds in a relaxing, homey atmosphere. The nostalgic streets of the Takenami district combined with its gorgeous sunsets attract many visitors who like to stay at one of the local minshuku.
• Nyu-Shirahama Bathing Beach
The northernmost of Mihama's bathing beaches, Niu-Shirahama, or the white sandy beach of Niu, owes its name to impressive whiteness of the sand. Visitors can fully enjoy its relaxing atmosphere as well as its scenic seascape. Fishing from on board a boat is another attraction available here.
• Kurumihama Bathing Beach
It arrive at the seaside resort in nature only by the ship. The seawater is kept very transparent on the beach of a small stone.
The atmosphere is like a quiet isolated island. It is at about ten minutes by the ship from Hyuga.

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